Strength and Dignity



I am crazy in love with the Father of my soul, the Lord God Almighty. I have the joy of being  married to my best friend and forever love. I am also the Mama to 7: 3 biological boy blessings, 3 adopted girls gifts, 1 dear daughter in love, and Grandmama to 1 perfect granddaughter.

I am passionate about everything feminine, to a fault. Because I am the daughter of The King, my inner princess comes quite naturally, and is more of an “outer” princess. Walt Disney World sends me to physical tears of excitement, for truly, it is my favorite place on earth!

I like going to the pool, but only dipping into the water when absolutely necessary, and don’t even think about splashing me while I’m dipping!

I enjoy food, to a fault, which makes me exercise, which I don’t love.

I do love reality TV…you can’t write that stuff!

I desire to be much more thoughtful and grateful than I am.

I want everyone to know how desperately God the Father loves them, and desires close relationship with them.

I am far from perfect, learning new things everyday, but wanting to know my Savior more than anything else. In that pursuit of knowing Him, I’m inviting you into my life and world, hoping you will find encouragement and like mindedness as we await our Knight in Shining Armor, upon His white horse, taking us to our forever heavenly home. (and when we are there, you can all call me Snow White)