Strength and Dignity


My first recollection on the journey of becoming a woman takes me back to, Christmas Eve 1983. I was 11 years old and blessed to grow up as the only girl in both my immediate and extended family. My hubby may not agree this was a blessing, as it resulted in much feminine spoiling over those growing up years that he’s still trying to undo.

On this particular Christmas Eve, in 1983, I was “developing”, and needed to “harness” these developments with a new addition to my wardrobe. Yes, you guessed it, the infamous FIRST BRA. My mother, I’m sure not thinking things all the way through, thought it would be a wonderful idea to wrap up my FIRST BRA in a ginormous box. The box chosen had held an Atari console the previous Christmas. (For my readers who are unaware of Atari; it was the X-box 360 of the 80’s.) Moving on, this Atari box measured approximately 30″ x 20″, give or take.

Of course, being excited at the size and prospect of this gift, I saved it for last.

There I was, at the fragile age of 11, surrounded by: my brother, 4 boy cousins, uncle, aunt, grandparents and parents. I tore into that huge box! Lifting the box my anticipation grew, and I shook out the prize. Much to my horror, there on the floor laid my very tiny, very FIRST BRA!

Can you imagine this scene? Then, as if that evenings festivities of giggles and humiliation hadn’t been enough! Christmas Day arrived, only to find me ushered into my grandma’s house, whisked back to her bedroom to show my aunt and grandma the fit of my new article of clothing.

My mom and I have often laughed about this occasion, remarkably I have forgiven her. The truth is that, my mom, aunt, and grandma realized this was a marker moment in my becoming a woman, and warranted cause for celebration.

The celebration of my becoming a woman moment caught me by surprise. It didn’t come in a package that I would have chosen; yet it was still cause for celebration. It was part of my becoming who God had intended me to be.

Is there something in your world that has arrived in a package that you aren’t too thrilled about? Just as I needed the bra for whom I was becoming; we often need what is delivered. We may relish how it arrives, but yet it is necessary for whom we will become.

What is that thing for you today?

*loss of relationship?

*child leaving the nest?

*an illness/diagnosis


* hard friend/ marriage?

*difficult child?

The list is unending, but I challenge you to think about what you might add. Don’t focus on the delivery, let go of what your wants and expectations and hold on to what you will become as a result. This is what Jesus did and became for us … our Salvation… our Cornerstone!


Psalm 118:21-23(ESV)

21 I thank you that you have answered me

and have become my salvation.


22 The stone that the builders rejected

has become the cornerstone.


23 This is the Lord’s doing;

    it is marvelous in our eyes.


Celebrate the becoming!

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