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The Little Black Dress

I believe most can relate can to the need for that basic black dress in our wardrobe. It’s that “go-to” option that you can dress up, or down, wear with heals or flats, slip into for a night out with girls, the hubby, a wedding or a funeral. It really is an essential needed in every woman’s closet. If it’s not there, invest. You won’t regret it.


An issue I have found, is that I have several little black dresses that fit the basic black dress order. So, when I go to the closet, I can’t just grab that one “go-to” black dress. I have to decide. This is where the deeper issue is found. The issue of excess, too much. Often times I find myself with the deep desire to simplify my world, declutter my home, to minimize the “stuff”.


Nothing causes you to realize the excess more than when you have a garage sale. It never ceases to amaze me how I can accumulate so much stuff that I value at 50₵, a quarter, or even FREE! Why in the world would I hold on to so much stuff that has so little value? Therein the question lies in the answer. Because the world I choose to submit myself to, values the stuff I accumulate, and I have joined that worldview; therefore I have bought into the lie.


This is the same lie that tells me, those shirts that not only feel like my PJs, but are on clearance for $5, must be bought in multiple colors.



EXCESS’IVE, adjective Beyond any given degree, measure or limit, or beyond the common measure or proportion


I’m not sure if excess is an area that you can relate to with your wardrobe, but maybe you can relate to it when it pertains to: exercise, eating, critical thinking, spending, speeding, worrying, texting, social media-ing…(I’m naming that a thing!) Whatever your area of excess, here’s what I know, we can gain victory and bring it to a perfect balance by way of a God who is excessive.


God has told us in His Word that He will supply for all of our needs according to the riches we have through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19) He also tells us that He is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine according to His power that works in and through us. (Ephesians 4:20-21)


My sister friends, we have a need for excess, it’s just an excess of God! I believe it’s when we neglect Him and fill up with other things that we feel the need for more. Nothing will satisfy us, because in a way, He is our little black dress.


He should be our “go-to”, the grab from the closet that we don’t even think about. We know it’s there, it will meet the need and fit perfectly, allowing us to look and feel our absolute best in any setting, every time.


It seems so “fitting” J that the designer of the logo for Strength and Dignity placed the focus on the little black dress. If we are woman who are truly clothed in strength and dignity, then we are going to have to take it off the hanger and put it on. That’s a choice ladies. It’s one that we will not make if we clutter our closet, our day, our life with too many other things.


Today, I leave you with the challenge to consider what is your excess? Read through the full definition that Webster’s dictionary offers, and see what might come to the forefront of your mind. Then, go to your closet and grab your “go-to”, God’s Word and let Him simplify your world. Keep in mind, I’ll be doing it right alongside you! Maybe I’ll run into you later at Goodwill!



EXCESS’IVE, adjective Beyond any given degree, measure or limit, or beyond the common measure or proportion; as the excessive bulk of a man; excessive labor; excessive wages.

  1. Beyond the established laws of morality and religion, or beyond the bounds of justice, fitness, propriety, expedience or utility; as excessive indulgence of any kind.

Excessive bail shall not be required.

  1. Extravagant; unreasonable. His expenditures of money were excessive
  2. Vehement; violent; as excessive passion.


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