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The Pause

The Pause


Some people are great “starters”, but not so great “finishers”. In the world of “starters” and “finishers”, I fall heavily into the “great starter” category. When I use the word “heavily”, I mean big, huge, thud-sounding heavy. The thrill of beginning something new, especially if it involves an element of change, excites me. Some might connect this trait of mine to an Enneagram number, but I say it’s simply because I stink at follow through. Dreaming, creating and beginning, that’s my jam. When the newness wears off and the routine settles in, my momentum dissipates.


This struggle of mine to follow through might explain my lack of success when it comes to the game of golf. Back in the day, when I actually attempted such things, my man, who loves the sport, would explain that I just needed to keep my head down and follow through on my swing. This meant not losing focus on that little white ball, not for one millisecond. For me, that was next to impossible. Nevermind the fact that when you’re playing this game of golf, you repeat the whole head down, follow through torture over and over again until you have successfully moved that little white ball into, not just 1, but 18 separate holes that are really far apart from each other. As if all of that’s not bad enough, you have to be quiet while doing it!


In 2016 a blog journey began because God moved my heart to inspire and encourage women in both their identity and relationship with God. My vision and passion have remained, yet somewhere along the way, I hit the pause button. Life happened, delivering unexpected and painful challenges. I could elaborate with paragraphs of reasons why my fingers have failed to strike the keys with intent, but God hasn’t moved me to do so. What He has moved me to do is nothing new; it’s simple. Actually, it’s much like the game of golf. Keep my head down, focus on Him, and follow through. I’m not sure I’ve even made it on to the next hole yet on this journey, but that’s par for the course. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) Let’s be realistic, we typically don’t have the course map laid out in front of us in life. We simply keep moving the ball. As long as we place our trust in our Amazing Caddy, who has mapped out the course, to hand us the next club, keep our head down and follow through. Today, I grab the sand wedge He’s extended and hit out of the rough, hopeful I will land on the green.


As I step back on the course, I leave each of you with a challenge. Consider where have you may have lacked follow through? It could be as simple as laundry or dishes. Maybe it’s that long overdue lunch/coffee date? That project you keep meaning to finish? That hard conversation you keep putting off? That ministry you think you don’t have time for? Have you hit the pause button on something in your own life? Whatever it is for you, I pray you find encouragement today to follow through. I will as well, and I’ll meet you in the world of finishers…maybe not on the 18th hole, but for sure moving on to the 2nd!


“In the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.”

Psalm 138:3


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